Transvox Episode - Introducing Transactual and their Work

This week:

This week, Gillian chats to Chay Brown (he/him), one of the driving forces behind the organisation Transactual which can be found at https://www.transactual.org.uk/.

Their conversation ranges across a range of topics and focuses mostly on the work of trans+ activism and the role of lobby and campaigning to help push forward the trans+ agenda.

Transactual have carried out extensive research around trans+ issues and act as a source of informed and evidence based information for those seeking clarity around trans+ issues.

In June 2020 they expanded our scope and remit to:

  • share reliable information about trans people’s lives and about trans rights in the UK, as well as dispelling common myths
  • amplify the voices of trans people so that the wider world may hear the experiences of a wide range of trans men, trans women and non-binary people
  • educate people about trans people's lives and the issues we face
  • advocate for trans people
  • empower trans people to bring about change in their lives and in the community

They encourage anyone that want to make ‘more of a stand’ to help support their work.

We are delighted to be part of their amazing work.

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Gillian and Jenny are Transgender friends talking about the process of transition and living their best lives. Gillian is new into the transition process and Jenny has been transitioned for many years and acts as a type of mentor, sharing experiences and thoughts about the trans community and useful specific subjects.

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